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Monarch Knitting | A Treasure Trove in Pacific Grove, California



It seems that Carmel is not the only place on the Monterey Peninsula with a claim to treasure troves. As I was driving around colorful Pacific Grove in search of more lovely Victorian houses and hoping the clouds would clear out so I could take photos of the coast (alas, that did not happen), I spotted this knitting shop on the corner of Central and Fountain Avenues, just one block down from Victorian Corner on Lighthouse. I also spotted parking space right across, so a browse was a must.




Monarch Knitting (of course, with all the butterflies) is the kind of place where you just want to linger, sit in an armchair or join the ladies at the table and forget about the world for a few hours, while watching soft colors and patterns grow from your needles. The space is well designed and organized, with plenty of natural light from the large windows. It is spacious but feels cozy, and features quite the assortment of wools and knitting supplies. The owners and their staff are friendly and very knowledgeable, and will assist you with your knitting project as needed. They also offer a series of classes and events, as well as private lessons.




Watching those ladies gathered around the table while working on they projects made me want to buy some wool and needles and join them. And all those soft wools in so many yummy colors were so tempting. Except I just don’t have time to take up knitting again. It is either that, or resuming painting, and the easel is calling, loudly. As it is, I do not even know how I will manage to make time  for that!




Aaaah…. my favorite colors all plushy and soft!




I hope you have enjoyed my little discovery. Not your usual tourist destination, that’s for sure. Well, put it on your list for when you head out to the Monterey Peninsula. A bit of knitting in such a place is the time-out on a cold, foggy day.



529 Central Ave, ste 4 – Pacific Grove, Ca 93950   |   (831) 647-9276   |   website



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