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Meet Conan, the non-barbarian, super sweet Chocolate (the official color is Red) Doberman. This sweetie pie was on the short list to become a calendar boy, but did not make the cut. He thought it was totally unfair, and I agreed. Conan has all the numbers: he is handsome, sweet, polite and playful. He also has an endearing smile and gives award-winning puppy kisses.

We met at Moanalua Gardens in Honolulu only to discover that dogs are not allowed in the park. So we switched to a nearby location, and we got lucky: it was spacious, had trees for shade and nobody was around. Conan chased balls, and we chased Conan. But then he also posed for me, and, as you can see, the camera loved him.





Here he is with his hu-mom and hu-dad. Conan is one very loved pooch, just as he should be.


And if you enjoyed meeting Conan, you will enjoy meeting these other sweetie pies:


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