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About Me



Hello! My name is Monica Schwartz, so nice to meet you!

Besides being the driving force behind Life Out Of Bounds, I am also a photographer, artist, writer, chef, food stylist, and dabble a bit in design. I am also a world explorer, time traveler and aspiring teleporter.

My quality bar is high, especially where my work is concerned, and I can center a picture on a wall without measuring, and tell whether it is crooked or off by a millimeter. Definitely a Virgo on that score!

Born and raised in Italy, I moved to Hawai’i in 2002, where I lived for eleven years, until I came down with island fever. That is when I moved to California with my two Tibbies in order to have more territory to explore in my Mini.

Hawai’i remains the home of my heart, and it will be the place I will return to once I am done exploring.

If you keep scrolling down the page, you will find out a little bit more about me and the things I love.



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