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Twigery: Where Flowers and Artistic Genius Meet | Carmel, California

So you have enjoyed a nice stroll down treasure-filled Dolores Street, bought a hat at The Prestige, and had a

Old Monterey Inn | Monterey, California

Set in one of the oldest residential areas of Monterey, and nestled in a beautiful English-style garden,  Old

The Soiled Doves Bath House | Carmel-by-the-Sea, California

Although I have left Carmel to return to Napa, I still have much to share about this charming little town by

The Carmel Journals | Breakfast & Lunch at La Bicyclette

I had found La Bicyclette on my first day in Carmel while google-map-browsing for local restaurants. It was one

The Carmel Journals | The White Rabbit in Wonderland

“I’m late! I’m late, for a very important date!” Have you ever followed the White

Eat, Shop, Gather and Learn at the Incomparable SHED | Healdsburg, California

As promised in my Healdsburg walk-about article, here we are back at the SHED for an in-depth look at this

The Carmel Journals | Fairy Tale Cottages & Historic Buildings Tour – part 2

So, where were we…. Oh yes, at L’Auberge Carmel on Monte Verde street. For those of you who are

The Carmel Journals | Fairy Tale Cottages & Historic Buildings Tour – part 1

I don’t know about you, but for me, Carmel’s biggest attraction are the many, many gorgeous fairy

The Carmel Journals | Tea at The Tuck Box

How many of you recognize this building instantly? Don’t be shy, raise your hand! Or wiggle in your chair

Dealing with Grief and Sorrow? Purple is the Color that Can Help

Welcome back to our series on color and wellbeing. We have come to our final color: Violet. I always call it

Indigo | The Color of Mystery and Intuition

. Which is the quietest of all the colors? Indigo, the color of the sky just before it becomes dark, the color of

Craving a Real Professional Kitchen

First of all I would like to apologize for being so late in publishing a new post. A lot has happened in the

When Your Life is Overwhelming, Where Do You Find Peace?

When your life is overwhelming, which color will bring you the most peace? Blue of course. Blue is “the peace

Green: The Center of It All

What is green, has a heartbeat, and never steers us wrong? Our heart chakra! Welcome back to our Simply Color

Looking for Happiness? Try Sunny Yellow!

When people are asked what does yellow remind them of, the answer is often “the sun”. When children