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The Pleasure and Comfort of Reading, and the Books That Have Touched My Life

When my brothers and I were children, whenever the adults in our closer family circle went on vacation –

Book | A Wilder Life by Celestine Maddy with Abbye Churchill

“The first hint of spring makes you rejoice. The snow begins to melt away. The sun becomes less of a

Book | Simply Color for Everyday Living by Diantha Harris

Color is the poetry of the soul. It is the ecstasy of Spirit. If you touch it, the vibration of the world

The Way, My Way by Bill Bennett | Book Review

Another book on the Camino? Yes, but really well written, entertaining and brutally honest. The kind of book

BOOK | Growing Beautiful Food | Matthew Benson

I was walking around the square in Sonoma about a week ago, doing something I haven’t done in a long

Reclaiming the Wild Soul – Mary Reynolds Thompson

“Who would you be if you were free?” This is one of the questions Mary Reynolds Thompson asks in

Faerie Magazine: a Window into the Realm of Enchantment

A couple of months ago, something popped up on my Facebook stream that piqued my curiosity, so I clicked, and

Powerful Places

Just this morning, one of those synchronicities that I should have gotten used to, but still catch me by surprise,