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The Pleasure and Comfort of Reading, and the Books That Have Touched My Life

When my brothers and I were children, whenever the adults in our closer family circle went on vacation –

Book | A Wilder Life by Celestine Maddy with Abbye Churchill

“The first hint of spring makes you rejoice. The snow begins to melt away. The sun becomes less of a

Book | Simply Color for Everyday Living by Diantha Harris

This article contains affiliate links, but these are products I really love. xoxo M   Color is the poetry of the

The Way, My Way by Bill Bennett | Book Review

Another book on the Camino? Yes, but really well written, entertaining and brutally honest. The kind of book

BOOK | Growing Beautiful Food | Matthew Benson

I was walking around the square in Sonoma about a week ago, doing something I haven’t done in a long

Reclaiming the Wild Soul – Mary Reynolds Thompson

“Who would you be if you were free?” This is one of the questions Mary Reynolds Thompson asks in

Faerie Magazine: a Window into the Realm of Enchantment

A couple of months ago, something popped up on my Facebook stream that piqued my curiosity, so I clicked, and

Powerful Places

Just this morning, one of those synchronicities that I should have gotten used to, but still catch me by surprise,