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22 Movies Laced with Fall

When I started researching movies that were set during fall, or mostly fall, I did not realize I would find so many. So

18 More Mouthwatering Food Movies

As promised, here is the rest of the movies I have found that have food as a center or strong side topic. The ones on

25 Mouthwatering Food Movies

I thought I had seen all the food movies out there, but it turns out I haven’t. When I started my search I found

My Top Ten Favorite Comedy Movies, plus Ten More

The other day I had one of many episodes of puppy antics that ended up in me laughing for twenty minutes straight, then

Steve Martin’s L.A. Story

I have lost count of how many times I have watched L.A. Story over the years. This movie should be a classic.

Nowhere Boy

You haven’t missed this movie, have you? Because if you have, well, I am here to point it out to you,

My Favorite Holiday Movies

Confession: I like to watch Christmas/Holiday inspired movies all year round. Then, there are movies –

The Hundred-Foot Journey

“In this restaurant, the cuisine is not an old, tired marriage. It is a passionate

The Namesake

Last night I was browsing my collection for a movie to watch when my eye fell on The Namesake, one of the most

The Way

Directed and written for the screen by multi-talented Emilio Estevez, while based on stories from the book


A friend whose taste I usually don’t trust raved to me about this movie a couple of years ago.

Le Chef

Yesterday, my friend Valerie and I went to see the movie Le Chef at Lark Theatre in Larkspur and I just have to tell

How to Make and American Quilt

Working on the Once Around blog post with all the colorful art and craft supplies made me think of this movie, so I


Last night I was browsing Netflix for a movie to watch and I came across this movie called Emperor. Immediately the

Saving Mr. Banks

If you were to ask me which part of Saving Mr. Banks I have enjoyed the most I would have a hard time choosing.