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Through The California Wine Country Wildfire & Pumpkin Patch at The Shed, Napa

I am typing this at my desk in my place in Napa. Pups and I got back here Sunday afternoon after a week of

Life in Napa | Dealing With A Forced Time-Out

Did you know that, in technological terms, a computer that is a mere seven-years-young is considered vintage?

Life In Napa | The May Garden & Vineyard

So, how has your May been? Mine has been  much better, as in more fun. Things (projects) are still moving at a

Life in Napa | The March Garden & Transition Into Spring

There is always something going on in a garden, but not quite as much as during March, at least here in

Life in Napa | The February Garden & Making Progress

My Mum said “Yikes!”, too. I am talking about all my stuff piled up in the living room. But like

Life in Napa | The January Garden & Starting a New Chapter

So, yes, I disappeared again for a few days. That is because I moved. Again. This time it was a bigger deal, as

Wrapping Up 2016 | Calling In The New Year

I have been mulling over this post for several days, both eager to sit down and write, and procrastinate

Behind the Photo: Vienna Woods, Austria

Sometimes, behind a photo there is a story. And sometimes, behind a photo there is a particular story. I have quite a

The Pleasure and Comfort of Reading, and the Books That Have Touched My Life

When my brothers and I were children, whenever the adults in our closer family circle went on vacation –

Craving a Real Professional Kitchen

First of all I would like to apologize for being so late in publishing a new post. A lot has happened in the

Tails of Two Tibbies | Living The Life in Napa

Ze Boyz: “Woofs & wiggles everyone! Long time no see, hear, bark, eat treats…! Well, we

Shinrin-Yoku Invitation, a new Wallpaper and an Update

Good morning everyone and happy Friday! I have been a good girl and working hard behind the scenes to complete all my

Give Yourself a Break | Shinrin-Yoku Invitations

You probably know that I text with my Mom once a day and Skype once a week. What you may not know is that, during these

Winter Solstice Greetings

Don’t you just love camellias? They are among my favorite flowers, even though my list of favorites is

Tails of Two Tibbies | Walkies with Karl the Fog

Tyler: “Wiggles and howls everyone! Long time no see! Did you miss us? Got treats?” Cody: