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Behind the Photo: Winter Sunset on Lake Varese, Italy

It is sunny and cold outside on this quiet Napa afternoon. Given that it is the first day of the new year, I thought I

Behind the Photo: Vienna Woods, Austria

Sometimes, behind a photo there is a story. And sometimes, behind a photo there is a particular story. I have quite a

Donna | It Is Never Too Late To Reinvent Your Life!

Meet Donna. At the time of this photo shoot Donna was eighty-one years old. And yes, she is wearing make up,

64th Annual Pacific Orchid Exposition 2016 | Fort Mason Center, San Francisco

On almost the last day of this past February, I visited the Pacific Orchid Exposition at Fort Mason Center in

The Lady in Red

Remember the Princess from my other photo story The Princess and The Cowboy? Well, she was wearing a soft rose

The Samurai Prince

This is one of the first photo shoots I did after going digital. It was part of a model’s portfolio, and

Flashback in Black & White | Portraiture

I thought I would show you something different today, something picked out of Dumbledore’s

The Faerie of Luakaha Falls | O’ahu, Hawai’i

There is a little hidden corner of Paradise in… well, Paradise: aka Hawai’i, specifically the

Jim Channon | Intergalactic Shaman

Jim Channon is one of the most eclectic, colorful, creative, larger-than-life beings I know. Sometimes he can

Surfer Sunrise

I photographed these images at sunrise in a couple of locations along the windward coast of O’ahu, Hawai’i.

Playing Bocce in the Summertime

One summer afternoon, a few years ago, family and friends gathered for lunch in the garden during one of my

Hapai | The Beauty of Maternity in Hawai’i

Hapai means bearing life, or pregnant, in Hawaiian. These images are from four different photo shoots I

The Princess and the Cowboy

Once upon a time, in the barely-pre-Beatles era, a young woman who loved pretty shoes, elegant dances in ball rooms and

Old Italian Rascals

“Do you know that those old rascals hang by the railing on the terrace and laugh at me trying to park my