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Kopol Bonick | Art, Wine and Roses in Napa Valley

This article has been a long time in coming, several months in fact. But when you are trying to tell the story

The Carmel Journals | The Prestige: A Passion for Vintage Hats

One of the things I decided I was going to do in Carmel was look for a new hat. I had been wanting a new one

Jim Channon | Intergalactic Shaman

Jim Channon is one of the most eclectic, colorful, creative, larger-than-life beings I know. Sometimes he can

Chocolate: Made In Hawai’i From Bean to Bar

“Can you tell what you are tasting?” asked Dave Elliott as he handed out samples of chocolate to our eager

Humans of New York

Right now I am sitting here trying to remember how I discovered the amazing, wonderful, powerful Humans of New York

Behind The Photo | An Italian Gentleman

I am taking you back to Porto Venere for a moment, as I would like to tell you the story behind this portrait. Mr. Val,