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Conan | The Sweet Chocolate Dobie

Meet Conan, the non-barbarian, super sweet Chocolate (the official color is Red) Doberman. This sweetie pie was

Snura | Rider Of The Storm

Drumroll………. And here is SNURA!! I thought it was high time you met the incomparable oxymoron

Traveler | The English Bulldog Hula Girl

Meet Traveler. Isn’t she just the most irresistible Hula girl, ever? I met Traveler while on my 2-day

Super Duper Cooper | Adorable Shetland Sheepdog

I thought it was time for you to smile at a cute wiggler, so here is Cooper, or Super Duper Cooper as he is

Lani | Labrador-Ridgeback Princess of Kailua Beach

Meet Lani, a friendly, adorable, stunning and very regal-looking Labrador-Ridgeback girl who lives on

Yuki | Siberian Husky of the Jungle

Meet Yuki, a super adorable white Siberian Husky who lives on O’ahu. Oh yes, she does! That is why our

Petcube | An Easy Way to Keep an Eye on Your Pets

Since I work from home, it does not happen very often, but sometimes I do have to be gone all day (as in 7-10

Tails of Two Tibbies | Living The Life in Napa

Ze Boyz: “Woofs & wiggles everyone! Long time no see, hear, bark, eat treats…! Well, we

Tales of Tails | Aki Hime: a Shiba Inu Beach Girl

Who wants to go to the beach? Everyone does, including princesses! And this adorable Shiba Inu girl is

Tales of Tails | Little Lola, Daizy & Gizzy

Wiggles and woofs everybody! I thought it was time for a little cuteness overload this weekend, so I am sharing a few

Sam & Buddy | The Christmas Goldens

Good morning everyone and happy Aloha Friday! I am a little late posting today because my place has been

Tails of Two Tibbies | Walkies with Karl the Fog

Tyler: “Wiggles and howls everyone! Long time no see! Did you miss us? Got treats?” Cody:

Tails of Two Tibbies | Traveling Dogs

Cody: “Do you know that this past Wednesday it was National Dog Day? Just making sure you spoiled your

Tails of Two Tibbies: Back in Time!

Cody: “Considering this is a throw-back-Monday-let’s-go-back-to-baby-time kind of post, I thought I

Tales of Tails | Rusty Bucket | Silky Terrier Swim Champ

Meet Rusty Bucket, the cutest Silky Terrier in Hawai’i and sweetie pie extraordinaire. Rusty loves the